» Plans for the future

Plans for the future

  • Developing the Sign Language Dictionary on www.dlmg.ro by adding new sings and phrases used by the Deaf community
  • Having a more informed Deaf community by offering interpreting services
  • Introducing Romanian Sign Language on the European Union`s level, as a language developed by the Deaf community, who represent a cultural and linguistic minority.
  • Offer lifelong learning opportunities for Sign Language interpreters at national level
  • Improving and developing Law 448/2006, referring to Deaf people
  • Creating partnerships with organizations and institutions in order to enforce the rights of Deaf people and to reduce the social exclusion and discrimination
  • Increasing the number of authorized Sign Language interpreters by delivering training courses for the profession of Sign Language Interpreter.
  • Increasing the quality of the interpreting services
  • Annual publishing of the Romanian Sign Language Interpreter`s Journal